SiftDeck Help

How to use SiftDeck

SiftDeck is a review database. It contains links to reviews on films, products, games and many other things. To use SiftDeck, you simply search on the homepage using a keyword or product name and SiftDeck will show a range of suitable search results. Click on the one that best matches your product and you will see a list of links.

Selected a review

SiftDeck ranks reviews based on the number of clicks and the date that they were entered into the database. The most recent and most popular reviews will be at the top of the list and the oldest and least popular with be at the bottom.

Scanning through reviews

Because many websites now don't allow 'page in page' view, the only way to view a review is to follow the link. To view the next review, just hit the back button on the browser to return. SiftDeck will be adding an option soon to allow users to either open in the same window or in a new window.

Review rating

SiftDeck doesn't rank the reviews or comment on them - we aren't a review summary website. The role of SiftDeck is simply to make it easier for people to find all the possible reviews on a particular product, event or film. You can then decide on whether the review was positive or not ! We may be adding shortly a simple star rating system for the reviews but generally people want to read the details so it doesn't add much.

Review link dead

Occasionally, you might find that a review link is no longer working. SiftDeck's automated systems do continually search through to make sure the sites are still active and contain the same information as when the link was originally added. However, the system isn't perfect and sometimes links will remain in the system accidently. You are more than welcome to flag dead links to us !