About SiftDeck

Current SiftDeck Model

SiftDeck was launched in 2017 and is designed as a database of reviews on products, events, films and all sort of things. It's designed so that users who are researching something can quickly and easily see all the available reviews from a single site.

It's a work in progress and many of the advanced features are still being developed for release over the next year.

SiftDeck Project Development

At the moment, the 'products' and the reviews are entered manually. This is partly because the site is still under development but partly so we can control carefully the content. As a result, the number of product, events, films and so on are very limited. They are, however, growing and we hope even at this early stage people find the content useful.

Gradually, as the project develops, the system will become more automated and more powerful. We are already working with a number of websites who are starting to provide review 'feeds' to us so that we can automatically create the 'products' and add the reviews. As more websites provide the feeds, the more powerful the system will become. Ultimately, the site will be self maintaining and at which point, it will be able to grow quickly and substantially by itself.

Providing review feeds

If you run a website and regularly add reviews of products, then why not provide us a feed. Drop us an email at mail@siftdeck.com and we can help get you going. Ultimately, all we need is a simple feed (JSON style) of your latest review name and URL - we do the rest. If you are looking at driving more traffic to your site, then it's an easy and free (now and forever) way to do it.

Who runs SiftDeck

SiftDeck is developed and managed by TabDesk Micropublishing. We build a very large number of small websites which sometime interlink and sometimes stand alone. The review database SiftDeck is one of our larger (!) ongoing projects but it's good fun and we like it.

SiftDeck links system

The current links system does automatically check the status. If a link vanishes, changes content or something else then eventually the system should notice and remove it. If you find a dead link then please tell us. Eventually, there will be an automated feedback system built in to notify us of dead links found by our users.

SiftDeck scope

Clearly, the full range of possible reviewed products is extremely large. To combat this and make the site more useful in the early days, we have concentrated on a limited number of perhaps more 'static' review items. If you run a website that provides reviews of something else then we would be happy to create a channel just for that if you would like to provide a reviews feed.